The Difference Between Town Planning Permits and Building Permits

  The town planning process provides developers, home owners and builders with a planning permit. Sometimes this can be confused with a building permit.  I will explain the differences below. Building Permit A building permit provides you with certification that your project complies with the relevant building legislation and codes and will be built correctly.  … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Get A Planning Permit?

“How long will the planning permit process take?” This is one of the first questions people ask me, and one of the most difficult to answer. The short answer is quite a long time, and longer than many people realise! The reason why it is a difficult question to answer is because the planning process … Read more

Removing a Restrictive Covenant

Don’t be caught out by a covenant over your land title.  A planning permit can’t be approved if it is contrary to a restrictive covenant on the title.  If there is a covenant it will need to varied or removed before the proposal can be considered.  We frequently get contacted by people who are either … Read more

Planning Scheme Amendment Process

I often get asked about planning scheme amendments, how the process works and what the implications are for current projects. The typical process for a significant planning scheme amendment is described below. While the process for Council driven amendments and private amendments (those facilitated by private land owners) are fairly similar I am focusing on … Read more

Urban Development in a Bushfire Management Overlay

There have been a number of changes to the Bushfire Management Overlay and Clause 52.47 (Planning For Bushfire), particularly in relation to applications in established urban areas.  Recently I had an application in Seaford (Frankston City Council) that allowed me to experience what the recent changes mean in a practical sense. The first thing I … Read more

Fast Approval for a Unit Development in Glen Eira

I have just received the planning permit for a two unit development in Vera Street, Bentleigh East.  This was a collaboration with Enlight Building Design.   This permit was successfully attained in just three months.  This isn’t bad considering this timeframe included the month delay to see if the objector would appeal to VCAT and … Read more

New Processes at VCAT

In recent months the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) have introduced some new processes.  Two that are of particular interest are the change in the Notice of Decision process and an increased likelihood that Councils will have to reimburse applicants fees for failure hearings. New Process for Notice of Decisions The Victorian Civil and Administrative … Read more

Faster, Simpler Town Planning Process?

VicSmart is a new permit process for straightforward and simple town planning applications. This new initiative from the Victorian Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure aims to create a fast and streamlined process for a range of uncomplicated town planning applications. It will be introduced into all Victorian Planning Schemes shortly. What you can … Read more