Permit applications


Did you know that a poorly presented application is the most common cause of permit refusals and delays? That’s where our professional town planners come in. With deep expertise and attention-to-detail, we can boost your chances of success – and get your project on-the-go sooner.

It all starts with the right advice

We encourage you to talk to us as early as possible in the planning process.

Our expert town planners will take the time to understand your goals and explain all council rules and regulations that may impact your project.

From there, we’ll tell you the best way to approach the application process – and provide a fixed quote you can rely on.

Here’s how it works

Our team will increase your chances of a fast, hassle-free permit approval. We manage all the back and forth on your behalf – to make it as easy as possible for Council to give you the green light sooner.



We provide an honest appraisal of your planning project. Our goal is to ensure you know where you stand – and the likely outcome of your application.


Prepare and

We work with you to present a compelling proposal to Council. This includes preparing the town planning report and collating all the information for a robust permit application.


Progress and

Next, we lodge your application and manage the process for you. We also follow up with Council on your behalf to ensure no unnecessary delays – and respond promptly to any requests or queries that may arise.