Industrial developments

Establishing and expanding factories and warehouses


Most of the time, you can’t establish or modify your industrial property without a planning permit. But why let this hold you up? At Change of Plan, we have the expertise to get your planning permit application in order – and your project underway sooner.

Who we help

Small business owners

We prepare robust planning applications for time-poor business owners like you who need fast, cost-effective solutions.

We provide planning advice and permit applications for

New factories
and warehouses

Additions to
existing buildings






The owner of an existing warehouse was looking to increase their floor area. Adding a mezzanine seemed like a good way to create internal office space.


As with many internal expansion projects, clients often mistakenly believe they won’t need a planning permit since the building’s exterior will remain the same. However, increased floor areas often create the need for more parking – and councils must be convinced that this is practical in the given locale.


Our town planners demonstrated that the proposed change would have minimal impact on the industrial complex. By providing a simple yet comprehensive report, Council had all the relevant information to make a timely decision.

The application also qualified for VicSmart’s fast-track process – and our client’s project was approved within just a few weeks.