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Looking to build a new commercial development – or modify your existing one? We can advise. you on your options, and liaise with Council on your behalf. Deeply familiar with commercial developments of all types, we’re here to help you secure your permit as fast as possible.

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The owners of Mordialloc Florist were moving to a new premises in a busy shopping strip. To refresh their new shop front, the client wanted to update the facade and add new signage.


A large part of the shopping strip was covered by a Heritage Overlay. This meant the client needed a planning permit to modify the premises – which in turn, could significantly impact their timelines. To avoid paying for two leases they needed to move as quickly as possible.

That’s when they engaged Change of Plan.


We identified that the project should be done as two applications – as we knew this would minimise delays and ensure a quick relocation. As the signage was the easier of the two, we did this one first. Then, while this was progressing, the façade design could be finalised.

To our client’s delight, Council reviewed the project and classed the façade works as non-contributory. Accordingly, we identified that this would only be a simple application, which could be fast-tracked through VicSmart.

In the end, Mordialloc Florist revitalised their new shop front quickly, relocated within a month – and completed their new façade shortly after!