Multiple dwellings

Building more than one dwelling on the land


At Change of Plan, we understand what councils need to approve a multi-dwelling residential permit. We can advise on the feasibility of your project – and the type of development likely to be approved. So talk to us early to ensure you have the right property to bring your vision to life.

Who we help

Property owners

Considering a multiple dwelling on your property? We can provide the right advice to get your project underway sooner.


We help you maximise your profits and minimise time delays with your speculative multi-dwelling build.

Designers & architects

We’ll offer advice on your potential multiple dwelling project – so you can bring your vision to life sooner.

How we help


We’ll review any zoning and policy controls on your site.


We’ll advise on the development potential of your site and the feasibility of a proposal.


We’ll prepare a compelling and professional planning application to Council.


We’ll submit your application to Council and manage the process on your behalf.



Our client wanted to create two split-level dwellings on a slanted block. Both were designed with two-storeys and large upper level balconies to take advantage of the nearby views.


After receiving the application, Council raised concerns about a lack of opportunity for landscaping. They felt there wouldn’t be enough space left for new greenery to offset the additional dwelling.

Although we presented a landscaping plan, Council still didn’t support the proposal.

This had already taken considerable time to be processed – and a final decision wasn’t expected for several months. We therefore advised the client to lodge a ‘Failure to Determine’ with VCAT.


At the hearing, we successfully argued that Council’s grounds for refusal were not warranted. We used the landscaping plan and a comprehensive assessment against the planning scheme – with various policies and clauses as support.

VCAT approved the planning permit and ordered Council to reimburse the client for the hearing fee. Council since endorsed the plan – and gave construction the all-clear.