Change of use

Transform the building into a new use


House to medical centre? Warehouse to gym? Cafe to nightclub? Whatever you want your premises to become, Change of Plan wants to help you make it happen. Deeply familiar with local government regulations across Melbourne, we’ll do all the grunt work – so you can focus on the exciting part: launching your business!

Who we help

Small business owners

We prepare robust change of use applications. for time-poor business owners like you who need fast, cost-effective solutions.

How we help

Pre-purchase advice

Considering buying a property for your new venture? We’ll give you all the preliminary advice. you need.

Permit application preparation

We’ll submit an application. to Council so that you can bring your vision to life. This includes the town planning report and all other necessary information.

Progress & follow-up

We lodge your change of use application, follow up with Council – and respond promptly to all requests or queries that may arise.



ZeroSix Training approached Change of Plan for advice on transforming a warehouse into a CrossFit gym.


Due to the industrial nature of the surrounds, we could see a potential challenge for our client: parking.

With limited parking onsite and in the immediate area, there was a risk that Council would request an external Traffic Study. These studies are expensive and time-consuming. So, if possible, best avoided.


When we prepared the permit application, we included information to show Council that there was enough parking without the need for a Traffic Study.

Council approved the permit and endorsed the plans – and development began without unnecessary costs or delays.



A boutique New Zealand brewer wanted to open a small-scale brewery and bar in an industrial zone which neighboured a residential area.

It was a rare situation where the establishment had both an industrial and non-industrial component.


Faced with two conflicting demands, our client needed to demonstrate:

  1. That his brewery wasn’t industrial enough to affect the residential community. This meant we had to convince Council and EPA that the odour from the works wouldn’t affect the nearby residences.
  2. That the bar wasn’t so commercial that it would impact industrial uses in the area. This meant addressing Council’s concerns that the bar would not affect parking in the industrial zone – and that the surrounding industrial uses wouldn’t impact the bar.


After engaging Change of Plan, our client successfully demonstrated that both uses were appropriate. We showed that neither the brewery or bar would negatively impact the industrial or residential surrounds.

Council approved the change of use application and gave the brewery-bar the green light!