Changes To Frankston Contributions Proposed

Update The planning scheme amendment has progressed to the final stage. The Panel Report has been released to Council and they have approved the amendment and sent it to the Minister for authorisation. As soon as the Minister makes a decision on the amendment it will either be adopted into the planning scheme or refused. … Read more

New Housing Rules For Kingston Council

Kingston City Council are currently undergoing a consultation process as part of developing the new housing and planning rules for the municipality. More details on the draft strategies and the drop in sessions can be found here. Following initial research and consultation, the Kingston Council have prepared a draft Housing Strategy and Neighbourhood Character Study. … Read more

Equitable Development Principles

In a recent project of ours the idea of equitable development has arisen. Equitable development is the concept of not unreasonably impacting on the development potential of other properties. It is more likely to be considered in areas where a high level of development and change is anticipated. Many recent proposals where equitable development has … Read more

The Residential Zones Have Been Amended – Again

As part of the Government’s plan to reform town planning, the Residential Zones were amended recently.  The changes flow from the review of the residential zones that were started in November 2015.  Whoever said that planning doesn’t move fast?! Summary of Changes Transitional provisions have been introduced with the planning controls. This means that the new … Read more

Urban Development in a Bushfire Management Overlay

There have been a number of changes to the Bushfire Management Overlay and Clause 52.47 (Planning For Bushfire), particularly in relation to applications in established urban areas.  Recently I had an application in Seaford (Frankston City Council) that allowed me to experience what the recent changes mean in a practical sense. The first thing I … Read more

Bayside Planning Scheme Amendment

Bayside City Council are looking to introduce a major change to their residential planning controls. Amendment C140 has been prepared and is currently on exhibition. In particular the Amendment seeks to make changes to the Neighbourhood Residential Zone as follows: A minimum lot size of 400m2 for subdivision Increase in the amount of private open … Read more

Successful New Residential Zone for Client in Moreland Council

As part of the residential zone amendment process at Moreland Council we put forward a submission to revise the Council’s original Neighbourhood Character Zone to a Residential Growth Zone for a client’s property in Pascoe Vale.  We argued that the residential site was well placed for higher density housing given its location on the periphery of a shopping … Read more