Casey Council Housing Amendment

Casey Council Housing Amendment

Amendment Approved for Casey Housing Strategy

The Planning Scheme Amendment to implement the Casey Housing, 2019 has been approved (known as Amendment C198). The Planning Scheme Amendment has introduced a suite of new residential zones into the municipality. These new residential zones are intended to guide the preferred development in the area and provide direction on the strategic intent for each area.

The focus has been on residential land within proximity to activity centres. The purpose is to direct future housing growth to land close to activity centres and transport. The land has been categorised as Residential Growth Zone, General Residential Zone or Neighbourhood Residential Zone depending on the capabilities and preferred future change for the area.

The Planning Scheme Amendment has also introduced new schedules to the Low Density Residential Zone. These schedules differentiate the minimum lot size in different precincts and allow for a smaller minimum lot size in suitable areas that have reticulated sewerage and aren’t constrained by environmental or landscape factors.

The amendments will provide greater guidance and certainty for property owners and developers for future housing developments. More details on the amendment can be found here.