Changes To Frankston Contributions Proposed

Changes To Frankston Contributions Proposed


The planning scheme amendment has progressed to the final stage. The Panel Report has been released to Council and they have approved the amendment and sent it to the Minister for authorisation. As soon as the Minister makes a decision on the amendment it will either be adopted into the planning scheme or refused. We will advise as soon as the Minister’s decision is released.

Frankston Council are currently exhibiting a planning scheme amendment (C127) to introduce specified public open space contribution rates for the municipality. You can read more about the proposal here.

A public open space contribution is required to be paid to the Council for any non-exempt subdivisions. The contribution is either a percentage of the site value or a contribution of land (or a combination of the two). You can read more about public open contributions as well as other council contributions that might apply to your development in this blog post.

The proposed amendment is looking to introduce the following contribution rates:

  • 8% for land within the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre (FMAC)
  • 5% for land outside of the FMAC for lots that are 1000sqm or less in size
  • 2% for land outside of the FMAC for lots that are 1001sqm or greater

The current default rate for public open space contributions is set at 5% under the Subdivision Act. The proposed amendment will increase the contribution for development within the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre. The contribution for areas outside of the activity centre will stay at the same rate or a reduced rate for larger lots. As Frankston Council is encouraging significant increases in housing within the activity centre area, the proposed amendment will provide for increased funding in the area where there is likely to be the significant need for expenditure on public open space in the future.

Details of the proposed planning scheme amendment can be found on the Council website or the planning amendment portal and submissions to the amendment need to be made by the 15th April 2019.