Parking Overlay Introduced To Frankston Activity Centre

A Parking Overlay (PO) has just been introduced into the Frankston Planning Scheme.  This Overlay has been created to provide improved guidance on car parking provision within and around the activity centre.  The Parking Overlay introduces lower minimum rates as well as a financial contribution scheme for car parking waivers.  The funds collected from car … Read more

Planning Scheme Amendment Process

I often get asked about planning scheme amendments, how the process works and what the implications are for current projects. The typical process for a significant planning scheme amendment is described below. While the process for Council driven amendments and private amendments (those facilitated by private land owners) are fairly similar I am focusing on … Read more

Bayside Planning Scheme Amendment

Bayside City Council are looking to introduce a major change to their residential planning controls. Amendment C140 has been prepared and is currently on exhibition. In particular the Amendment seeks to make changes to the Neighbourhood Residential Zone as follows: A minimum lot size of 400m2 for subdivision Increase in the amount of private open … Read more

Moorabin Activity Centre Zone

The area around and within the Moorabin shopping centre and train station has been recently rezoned to the Activity Centre Zone.   The rezoning follows extensive strategic work undertaken by Kingston City Council over several years.  The new zone is expected to facilitate increased housing and retail opportunities with the area and will unlock 8 … Read more

Bayside City Council have been seeking Amendments

Recently the Bayside City Council have been seeking Amendments to three activity centres to introduce mandatory height limits. The amendments and public submissions received have been reviewed by an independent Panel and the Panel Report has just been released. The three activity centres are: Sandringham Village; Bay Street, Brighton; Church Street, Brighton. In considering the … Read more