Parking Overlay Introduced To Frankston Activity Centre

Parking Overlay Introduced To Frankston Activity Centre

New Parking Requirements for Frankston Activity Centre
A Parking Overlay (PO) has just been introduced into the Frankston Planning Scheme.  This Overlay has been created to provide improved guidance on car parking provision within and around the activity centre.  The Parking Overlay introduces lower minimum rates as well as a financial contribution scheme for car parking waivers.  The funds collected from car parking waivers will be utilised to provide publicly-accessible off-street parking facilities.

Why Has The Parking Overlay Been Introduced?

The Parking Overlay (PO) represents one of the actions to be completed as part of the approved Action Plan that is associated with the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre Structure Plan.  The PO is necessary to guide future developments in the activity centre and provide for appropriate car parking rates that recognises the excellent access to public transport and infrastructure in this area.  The Overlay is also necessary to facilitate a cash contribution in-lieu of providing car parking.  It sets out what these financial contributions will be utilised for.

What Does The Parking Overlay Provide For?

The Parking Overlay specifies a reduced car parking rate for a food and drink premises, shop and residential building.  The lower car parking rate that is set out within Clause 52.06 Car Parking is to be utilised for all other uses.

As mentioned, a financial contribution scheme has also been set up within the Parking Overlay.  The financial contribution is not mandatory, it is intended to provide flexibility for future developments, in particular on smaller lots where it may be impractical to provide some or all of the necessary car parking.  A financial contribution is discretionary, not mandatory and may not be accepted by the Council on a site if it not considered appropriate.  The financial contributions must be used for public parking projects as detailed in the Parking Precinct Plan that has been written for the area.  Details of the Parking Precinct Plan have been included in the Overlay, which identifies sites for potential multi-deck car parks and sites owned by the Council that provide future parking opportunities.

The approved Parking Overlay provides greater certainty for land owners in the activity centre.  The amendment continues the strategic work of the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre Structure Plan and is a further necessary step to facilitate future development in this area.

We have also written an article that discusses the common Council contributions for developments which you might like to read if you are after more information on what other contributions may apply to a development project.