What Consultants Do I Need For My Multiple Dwelling Planning Application?

What Consultants Do I Need For My Multiple Dwelling Planning Application?

First time developers often come to us during the preliminary stages of research and investigation to find out information and refine their project case.  One question we get asked is “What services or consultants will I need for a multiple dwelling planning application?”.  Obviously it is important for them to scope out early the people and services that will be needed, in order to plan and budget accordingly.

So what consultants are required for multi-dwelling applications?

  • Land surveyor
  • Building designer
  • Town planner
  • Landscape architect


These are the minimum services that you will need when putting together a planning application for multiple dwellings, including both apartment buildings and townhouses.

Additionally, some projects may also require:

  • Arborist
  • Environmental or ecological consultants
  • Waste management
  • Traffic management
  • Engineering such drainage

We have a number of consultants that we regularly work with that can assist with your planning application. As dedicated town planners we look to work with other similar consultants to ensure quality information and keep costs down for our clients. We will source quotes for you, coordinate with the consultants and work to ensure that information is delivered in a timely manner. This is included within our standard fees.

The next question we get asked is how much the fees will be for the consultants. Having done many projects we are happy to provide you with some indicative estimates to assist with your budgeting. These costs will be confirmed via quotes when you are ready to engage the services. As costs are regularly changing please contact us and we can provide you with some indicative town planning costs.