Bushfire Management Overlay Explained

  What Is A Bushfire Management Overlay? A Bushfire Management Overlay or BMO is an Overlay that identifies an area where there is a bushfire hazard.  The purpose of the BMO is to ensure that future development is only permitted where the risk to life and property can be effectively reduced and to ensure that … Read more

Urban Development in a Bushfire Management Overlay

There have been a number of changes to the Bushfire Management Overlay and Clause 52.47 (Planning For Bushfire), particularly in relation to applications in established urban areas.  Recently I had an application in Seaford (Frankston City Council) that allowed me to experience what the recent changes mean in a practical sense. The first thing I … Read more

Building in Bushfire Prone Areas

On the 31st of July the State Government introduced changes to the bushfire planning regulations to give greater certainty to landowners in bushfire prone areas. The key changes include: Greater certainty to build, extend or replace a dwelling in land that has a residentially focused zoning (including Township Zone and Rural Living Zone). The assessment … Read more