Extensions of Time For Planning Permits

Extensions of Time For Planning Permits

Can you extend the time limit of your planning permit?

The short answer is yes, you can apply for an extension of time to your planning permit. Every Council has a process for you to apply to extend your time on a planning permit, either to extend the time to commence or the time to finish what has been approved.

Planning Permit Expiry

All Planning Permits are issued with an expiry date. The expiry date varies depending on the type of planning permit. The time limit on the planning permit will be detailed at the end of the permit.

As well as the time frame you have to enact the planning permit, there is also a time frame of when you can apply for the extension of time. A grace period after the expiry date is provided for you to apply for an extension of time. However once this period is exceeded there is no option but to reapply for a new planning permit, as the planning permit will be deemed lapsed. Once a permit is lapsed an extension of time cannot be granted. For this reason it is really important for you to keep track of your time limit.

Applying for An Extension of Time

The process to apply to extend the time limit is usually fairly straight forward. The main information that the Council will want (besides your details and the details of the permit) is the reasons for the extension. Sometimes the Council will also ask for an indication of when the permit will likely be acted upon or finished.

Typically the first extension is fairly easy to get approved, provided there haven’t been any changes to planning controls since the permit was issued. However, subsequent extensions can be harder to get approved. The Council is wary of “land banking” and wants to see people progress a development, not sit on land without developing it in an orderly way.

While obtaining the first extension of time may not be too difficult to justify it is important to realise that it isn’t a certainty and shouldn’t be counted on. In particular I would only use the additional grace period provided after the expiry date in extreme circumstances. This is because if such an application is refused the planning permit will automatically lapse. If, however, you apply for an extension of time before the planning permit expires, you may still be able to start work if the application is refused.

If you want the details of how to apply for an extension of time you can contact your Council for information on their costs and process. Alternative, if you have a planning permit that is getting close to the expiry date and want to discuss options you can get in touch with us today.