A Time to Plan?

A Time to Plan?

A Time to Plan? Using this downtime effectively

An “unprecedented time” and “can we factory reset 2020?” are just some of the many comments floating around the internet in the wake of the pandemic.

We are certainly all going through a challenging time right now. However, I am also finding that with our world stripped back to the basics a lot of us have extra space and time on our hands. I know that I have been taking this opportunity for some reflection and planning on my business for the future. If you are one of the many businesses that have been affected by the pandemic then this may be an opportunity for you to take time to plan the next steps or future for your business.

I have seen some great examples of businesses pivoting and seeking new opportunities in the last few weeks. From businesses adapting their processes to maximise safety for staff and customers, to businesses changing their product lines to accommodate society’s needs. I have also encountered some businesses who are looking to the future when they can “open” again or those that have decided to bring forward their future plans, such as rapidly introducing an online store. Some businesses are starting to plan their new projects and looking to use this quiet time effectively.

Using This Downtime

There are many ways that this time can be used productively. For example:

Education: Perhaps you can learn a new skill or update your knowledge in some area. There are lots of existing online learning offerings, as well as more that are being released in response to this time.

Helping Out: Many people are using this time to help others. Whether that is opening up a paid program for a free trial or helping those in the community that are vulnerable, there are plenty of stories of people helping out that are inspiring.

Business Planning: Now may be the right time to sit down and plan your businesses next (or first) steps. What you will do once you are “open” again, or there areas that you want to pivot or expand into to take the lead on a new market?

Business Planning to Town Planning

For some of these business owners, their business planning has lead them to town planning. Whether their plans involve a change of use or additions to their business premises, they understand that it can take many months to get a planning permit approved. So, they have decided that if their future plans require a planning permit to be realised, they might as well use this time now.

Town Planning is one of the services still able to continue in this time. While it isn’t without its own challenges, most of the work has been remote and (somewhat) paperless for a while now. We have seen some delays with processing, particularly as Councils work to get their remote access fully set up, however hopefully this will become smoother over time.

What Is A Planning Permit Needed For?

Not all plans for your business will need a planning permit. It can be complicated to work out what does and doesn’t need a permit, so the best thing to do is to talk your plans over with a town planner. I have also written some other articles such as When Is A Town Planning Permit Required? if you want to read more about it.

Some examples of recent projects that we have had discussions with business owners about:

  • New tourism opportunities or expansion to take advantage of the future domestic travel market
  • New cafe/restaurants so that they are poised for launching once in the future
  • Office and warehouse extensions and additions
  • Liquor licence changes

How Can We Assist?

Our focus is solely on town planning, so we can guide you through all the ins and outs! Whether you want to discuss a potential expansion or new venture we can talk through the proposal with you. We will provide you with realistic advice on opportunities for success, and even for ways to avoid town planning if that is possible. We can tailor our services to what you need, from assistance with putting the documentation together to managing the process through Council.

So, if you have a project or if you are setting your business up to grow or pivot once the pandemic is over and you first need a planing permit not only can this be done during this time, but it is a great use of time for what can be a long and frustrating process. We love helping businesses to start and grow so contact us for an obligation free chat about your project.