Why Us?

Why choose Change of Plan for your town planning project?

  • Increases your chances of success. Based on years of hands-on experience as a town planner working in Melbourne, Melanie Ellis and the team at Change of Plan provide expert services that can increase the chances of your planning permits and planning applications being approved by local council.
  • Saves you time. After we have prepared the planning reports and submitted them to council, we will carefully and proficiently manage all questions and requests, saving you time and money, and again, increasing your chances of a positive outcome.
  • Provides value for money. We does not rent expensive office space in expensive buildings, which means that you pay only for excellent service, not for fancy overheads.
  • Achieves timely decisions. Once all documentation has been sent, we regularly engage with council in order to achieve a timely decision. All our communication with local council is professional, friendly and assertive. (When your planning application is submitted by a town planner, there are generally reduced requests from council anyway, leading to less delays overall).
  • Saves you money. Based on our experience, we will advise you upfront on the chances of your application being approved. This advice has saved her clients thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) in council fees and wasted time. Once a decision has been made by the local council, we will contact you with our advice, and where necessary, our thoughts on the next steps.
  • Reduces your headaches! When you’re not conversant with council procedures, council requirements and council culture, it can be frustrating to get the answers you desire. We deal with local councils all the time, so we get timely decisions, and can explain complicated laws and planning jargon to you in plain English.
  • We’re great to work with. When dealing with planning applications you need to work with someone who is approachable, trustworthy, honest and dependable. Change of Plan are the best people to have on your team. We’ll fight for your cause and always work toward the best possible outcome.
  • Dedicated focus to your project with no ‘skill dilution’. We are not draftspeople, architects or designers who also dabble in planning permits. We are solely town planning experts. We understand regulations and policies and can argue a case in planning language so that council is more likely to listen.
  • We’ll fight for you. Where appropriate, we will assist in providing sound arguments to council to address borderline compliance issues and disputes.