Warehouse Conversion

Address: 8 Progress Drive, Carrum Downs
Project Type: Change of Use to a Gym

We managed the planning application for a change of use from a warehouse to a gym use. Our clients were looking to establish a new crossfit gym in an industrial estate that was being built in Carrum Downs.

The main challenge with the planning application, which is common to these types of planning applications, was with the car parking. As part of our submission we provided details on the use and layout of the gym as well as information on parking available within the facility and in the immediate area. These details provided the Council with the necessary justification to support the application.

If there is limited parking on site and in the immediate area a planning application for a gym use may require a Traffic Study from a traffic engineer. However for the majority of our applications, like this one, we are able to satisfy Council that there is sufficient parking for the use without requiring a separate traffic report.

The application progressed smoothly through initial assessment and advertising stages. The planning permit and endorsed plans were approved together, allowing the use to commence without any further waiting. They are now training hard in Carrum Downs!