Unit Development in Cranbourne North

Address: 18 Wakefield Court, Cranbourne North
Project Type: 3 double storey dwellings
Designer: Enlight Building Design

We assisted with a planning application for three new double storey dwellings on a quiet court location in Cranbourne North.

There were some initial Council concerns, including an objection to removing a street tree, that required some modifications to the proposal.  Once this was achieved the Council were receptive to the project and we proceeded to advertising.  We received objections from a number of the properties in the court.  Due to the number of objections the application was required to go up to a Council Meeting.  We went to the meeting with full officer support and the application was approved by the Councillors.

The Council decision was challenged by the objectors at VCAT.  This resulted in a significant delay to the project for my clients (approximately 6 months).  We were confident that the proposal was robust and would stand up to scrutiny by the Tribunal given its compliance with the Casey Planning Scheme.  After a short hearing the Tribunal Member adjurned the case briefly and when the hearing was resumed the Member gave his decision orally to approve the development.  It was a relief that after such a significant delay the VCAT case was resolved on the day – leaving us able to complete the endorsement process so that the next phase of the project can be started!