Congratulations on embarking on your exciting new home project!

We understand that renovating or building a new home can be stressful.  So finding out you need a planning permit first can easily add to your feelings of stress and confusion.

We have worked with all the major project builders, as well as many local builders and designers assisting home owners with their dream renovation, extension, or knock down and rebuild.

To support you through this challenging time we have put together some great information on the planning process in a Renovators Info Pack.  You can request a copy of this pack by filling out the form below.

We know your time is precious and there are way more important things in life than paperwork.  The last thing you need is extra hassle, confusion and stress, so let us manage all of your town planning needs because we love it!

  • Avoid the hassle of trying to understand Council planning policy
  • Eliminate trying to work out what you can and can’t do on your property
  • Skip all the headaches and annoying paperwork
  • Let us do all the leg work
  • Just get on with building that extra space or new home

Change of Plan is here to help.

Speak to us early and we can provide professional advice on council planning regulations.  Right from the start we can maximise your chances of having your exciting proposal approved.  Your time is valuable and we can save you lots of it.

We will review, prepare and manage your planning documentation, and use our extensive inside knowledge of council planning intricacies to progress your application smoothly and swiftly through the planning process.

Call us today on 8595 4337 and experience the feeling of taking something off your plate with confidence.