Time is money. Change of Plan saves you both.

Property developers who utilise the services of a town planner at Change of Plan can avoid making costly million-dollar mistakes, while making profitable million-dollar decisions.

Consult with us early and we can help you avoid purchasing a property that can’t be developed, saving huge amounts of time, money and stress.

Change of Plan understands the detailed planning information required by property developers. We can provide advice on the feasibility of a project, as well as the type of development likely to be approved on a specific site.

Change of Plan:

  • Reviews the zoning and policy controls.
  • Provides an understanding of development potential for a site or the feasibility of a proposal.
  • Reviews, prepares and manages your planning documentation.
  • Uses our experience in dealing with council to ensure your application stays on track.
  • Provides timely and valuable feedback on your projects.

Get the right advice on your project and call Change of Plan today on 8595 4337.