Don’t let your designs get spoiled by red tape

Worried about wasting precious time on an inspiring design that won’t be approved?

Too busy to lodge a planning application, or worried that all your time will be wasted by managing the planning application?

Want to increase your client’s satisfaction while removing the frustration of dealing with council?

Allow your team to focus on designing while Change of Plan takes care of all your town planning needs.

If you are a designer Change of Plan:

  • Helps make sure your beautiful designs get approved.
  • Provides initial advice on the site as well as feedback when required during the design phase.
  • Saves you thousands of dollars and countless design hours by letting you know early on if a design won’t work.
  • Prepares planning reports to accompany your plans.
  • Lodges and manages your planning application through the council, ensuring the process runs smoothly and quickly.

A project that incorporates seamless planning makes you look great in the eyes of your clients.
Save yourself the headache and call Change of Plan today on 8595 4337 so that we can take the planning application or report off your plate.