The right planning advice can mean the difference between a business that booms and a business that goes bust.

It’s important to choose a property and location that is suitable for your business and make sure that you don’t get unworkable conditions placed on your permit.

Melanie Ellis is the owner of Change of Plan, meaning she knows the challenges and excitement involved in starting, running and growing a business. Being a business owner herself she knows the value of expert advice, and is passionate about providing the best planning advice to your business.

Melanie and her team can provide professional advice on whether a particular zoning is suitable for your proposed business and which zone may best suit your particular niche business. We can also review your business model so that it fits in with council requirements. For example, if you’re starting a new café, we can provide advice on the number of hours and number of patrons to request.

Getting Change of Plan to manage your planning application, speeds up the process and reduces your stress. Let us take care of the exhausting town planning tasks for you. We know exactly what information council requires and how to present it so delays are minimal and you can get on with running your business.

We can also assist with other planning matters that often cause confusion, such as changes of use, signage and car parking dispensations.

Want your business to hit the ground running? Change of Plan is here to help! Call us on 8595 4337 and get your business on the right track.