Do what you do best. Let Change of Plan handle the rest.

Worried about wasting precious hours on an inappropriate design for a site?

Too busy to lodge a planning application, or worried that it will be delayed or refused due to insufficient information or the wrong design?

Want to increase your client’s satisfaction while removing the frustration of dealing with council?

Allow your team to focus on building while Change of Plan takes care of all your town planning needs.

If you are a builder, Change of Plan:

  • Provides preliminary advice on the planning controls for a site and the proposal. No longer do you have to waste time and money on a design that won’t work, saving you thousands of dollars and countless hours.
  • Prepares planning reports to accompany your plans.
  • Lodges and manages your planning application through the council, ensuring the process runs smoothly and quickly.

Seamless town planning applications mean that you get on to building faster. Don’t get bogged down in the red tape. Call us today on 8595 4337 and find out how we can get your project moving.