Town Planning VCAT Support


If you get bamboozled by council jargon and you aren’t able to translate and counter council’s arguments swiftly and effectively, then it’s best to hire an expert town planner.

Change of Plan can represent you at VCAT if you:

  • Want a refusal reconsidered.
  • Require changes to the conditions of a permit.
  • Are a neighbour who would like a decision reviewed.
  • Want to be rid of the time-sapping, stress-inducing imposition of representing yourself at VCAT.

At Change of Plan we have in-depth knowledge of regulations and policies, and we can articulate your case in planning language so that VCAT will listen. Where necessary, we will provide sound arguments to address borderline compliance issues so that VCAT are more likely to support it.

Call us today on 8595 4337 and get the right advice on taking your application to VCAT.