Planning Permit Applications

Looking to build or develop your property in Melbourne?  Considering setting up a business?  These projects may require a town planning permit.

This is where we can help you! 

Town Planning Permit Assistance

Change of Plan are expert town planners.  Getting a planning permit can be a confusing and frustrating process.  We deal with Council regulations and rules for all suburbs of Melbourne every day, so we know how to cut through the red tape and smooth the planning process for you.

Town Planning Assistance

If you need a planning permit from your local council, Change of Plan can help you with the planning application. We specialise in just town planning to give your project the focus it needs.

Our planning process involves:

Initial Planning Advice: We provide an honest appraisal of every planning project so you know where you stand and the likely planning outcome.

Planning Application Preparation: We work with you and design team to put the final proposal together.  We prepare the town planning report and collate all of the necessary information for the planning application.

Planning Application Management: We lodge the planning application and manage the planning permit process for you.  We respond to further information requests and any queries that Council or neighbours may have during the process.

We will boost your chances of getting approved quickly and smoothly by professionally preparing your town planning application and managing the planning process.  We will streamline the planning application process, managing the requirements and information that Council require to make a decision on your project.

Next Steps

Contact us one of our friendly town planners to discuss your Melbourne planning project and how we may be able to assist you.  We offer a free preliminary discussion and fixed price quotes.  We take the time to understand your planning application and what your needs are to make sure we maximise your planning success.

Getting planning permits approved by council can be a giant headache – we’ve all heard horror stories.  But it’s our specialty!

Call us today on 8595 4337 or fill out the contact form and get your project on the go now.