Road Zones Explained

Road Zones Explained

When you obtain a Planning Certificate or Planning Map of your property, you may see that you are adjacent to a different coloured road like below:

There are two categories of road, Road Zone Category 1 (pink in zoning maps) and Road Zone Category 2 (yellow in zoning maps).  All other roads are local roads (coloured the same as the zone).

Road Zone Category 1 and 2 roads identify the roads that are significant.  These are major roads that are heavily utilised, provide significant transport connections and include freeways and highways.  In the main these roads are managed and controlled by VicRoads.

What Does This Mean For You?

From a planning perspective, this means a permit is required for most buildings and works including subdivisions in the Road Zone.  A permit is also required for displaying advertising signage over or within 600mm of a road.  You can read more about advertising controls here.

Access and subdivision are also controlled for land that is adjacent to a Road Zone Category 1.  Applications involving sites adjacent to these roads will be referred to VicRoads (as the road authority) for comments.  If an application involves creating a crossing to the road VicRoads will determine if that is supported or not.  VicRoads main considerations with regards to applications is whether the entry and exit on the site is safe and if there will be traffic implications on the road for other users, for example if a project will result in significant additional traffic that may impact on the flow of the road.  To that end they will often impose conditions on residential development such as:

  •  Requiring all vehicles to exit the site in a forwards direction
  •  Requiring wider accessways to allow for two-way traffic at the property entrance
  •  Ensuring that basement ramps comply with a set gradient

As discussed in a separate blog post, it is not only applications involving a new or altered crossover that may be referred to VicRoads, applications that are considered to change how that existing crossover will be utilised may also come under similar scrutiny.

If your property is adjacent to a Road Zone, particularly a Road Zone Category 1 and you are thinking of building or developing you may want to speak to a Council or private Town Planner to see if there will be any implications for your property.