Mornington Peninsula Shire Planning Permits

About Mornington Peninsula Shire

Map of Mornington PeninsulaMornington Peninsula is located just over 40km from Melbourne and is a unique and special area of Victoria.  Being a Peninsula, it is almost completely surrounded by sea, with Port Phillip Bay on one side and Western Port Bay and Bass Strait on the other.  As well as the spectacular coastline the Peninsula has National Parks, farming and winery areas and natural attractions.  The Mornington Peninsula is a distinctive mixture.  With urban areas such as Rosebud and Mornington, resort towns and villages such as Dromana and McCrae and rural and environmental areas such as Red Hill and Shoreham. These unique characteristics mean that the Mornington Peninsula has a range of significant and complex planning controls. 

Understanding the planning controls that apply to your site and how that will impact your town planning project is our specialty!

Planning a project in the Mornington Peninsula?

You might be tempted to complete the Mornington Peninsula Shire town planning  process yourself in order to save money.  This is understandable, and it might save you money, but it also might end up costing you more in lost time or result in a poor outcome.  In the long run the hours spent learning local council rules, regulations, processes and procedures can be extensive and exhausting.  Then you need to complete a planning report and collect all the information the council require, which varies depending on the site, the type of project, the specific planning controls and more.  To protect the unique and valued characteristics of the Mornington Peninsula, the Council are often rigid and inflexible in their conditions and expectations.

Unit Development Town Planning Application

Are you planning a unit development on the Mornington Peninsula?  The Council is going through a process of tightening up development in this municipality, with many town planning applications being refused.  At this stage no formal planning controls have been introduced into the planning scheme.  However, Mornington Shire are in the early stages of amending their planning scheme and are already refusing planning applications that don’t meet these future controls.  You can read more about it the Shire’s proposed amendment here or contact us to discuss how it may affect you.

Mornington Shire Town Planning

Change of Plan can help. We are experts in understanding the complex town planning controls common in the Mornington Shire. We know what is and isn’t achievable and can guide your town planning project to a smooth and successful outcome.

  • Designers: We’ll help make sure your beautiful designs get approved by providing preliminary advice on the planning controls for a site, as well as providing feedback on a proposal.
  • Builders: Let us cut through the paperwork jungle while you get on with building, making your clients happy.
  • Developers: We can help you avoid making costly million-dollar mistakes, while making profitable million-dollar decisions.
  • Renovators: We’ll provide advice on your proposal and help push it through. Skip all the headaches and endless paperwork and just get on with building that extension.
  • Businesses: Hit the ground running by letting us advise you on selecting a property and location that is suitable for your business.

Getting Help With Your Town Planning Project

Change of Plan handle town planning permits with Mornington Peninsula Shire Council on behalf of our clients. You can see some of our recent projects including  Mornington Peninsula Shire projects here.

There are many things to keep in mind during the planning application process with Mornington Peninsula Shire, including:

  • Development plans
  • Colour and material selection
  • Adherence to height controls and building envelope restrictions 
  • Bushfire Regulations
  • Vegetation Removal
  • Expert information such as ecological or geotechnical reports

Sound complicated?  That’s why we’re here.  It doesn’t need to be hard!  Change of Plan will handle all of these town planning processes for you.  Over the years we have built up a wealth of insider knowledge of all the regulations and intricacies of council (as well as made a few handy contacts), so if you’re looking to get your town planning application in Mornington Shire approved smoothly and quickly, there’s no one better than the experts at Change of Plan.

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