Planning Permits
Frankston City Council

Planning a project in Frankston?

council-frankston-smYou might be tempted to complete the Frankston City Council planning process yourself in order to save money. This is understandable, but in the long run it can end up costing you more in lost productivity. When a planning application is lodged incorrectly or with insufficient information, it creates unnecessary delays and could even see your application rejected.

Change of Plan can help. No matter who you are, we’ll make the process quick and easy.

  • Designers: We’ll help make sure your beautiful designs get approved by providing preliminary advice on the planning controls for a site, as well as providing feedback on a proposal.
  • Builders: Let us cut through the paperwork jungle while you get on with building, making your clients happy.
  • Developers: We can help you avoid making costly million-dollar mistakes, while making profitable million-dollar decisions.
  • Renovators: We’ll provide advice on your proposal and help push it through. Skip all the headaches and endless paperwork and just get on with building that extension.
  • Businesses: Hit the ground running by letting us advise you on selecting a property and location that is suitable for your business.

At Change of Plan we have ample experience in handling urban or town planning permits with Frankston City Council on behalf of our clients. There are many facets to planning with Frankston City Council, including:

  • Enforcement: The Town Planning Investigation Process
  • Strategic Planning: Includes Strategic Studies, Strategies, Planning Overlays and Frankston Planning Scheme
  • Statutory Planning: Includes Planning Permit Process, Forms, Fact Sheets, Planning Zones and Overlays and more
  • Subdivision: Includes Subdivision Permit Process, Subdivision Certification Process, Frankston City Council Planning Scheme
  • VCAT: Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal is an independent tribunal

Sound complicated? It doesn’t need to be! Change of Plan can handle any or all of these aspects for you. Over the years we have built up a wealth of insider knowledge of all the regulations and intricacies of council (as well as made a few handy contacts), so if you’re looking to get your town planning application in Frankston approved smoothly and quickly, there’s no one better than the experts at Change of Plan.

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