Bayside City Council Town Planning Permits

About Bayside Council

Bayside City Council boasts 17km of coasline on Port Phillip Bay, from Brighton, through Hampton, Sandringham and Black Rock all the way to Beaumaris.Map of Bayside Council Area

The municipality is predominantly residential with many attractions including beautiful beaches, the Brighton Baths, shopping villages around Brighton and Sandringham, parks and golf courses.  Brighton Beach is one of Victoria’s most popular beaches, boasting an amazing view and the historic and colourful bathing boxes which date back over one hundred years.

Planning a Project in Bayside?

You might be tempted to complete the Bayside City Council town planning process yourself in order to save money.  This is understandable and it might save you money, but it also might end up costing you money.  In the long run the hours spent learning local council rules, regulations, processes and procedures can be extensive and exhausting. Then you need to complete a planning report and collect all the information the council require, which varies depending on the site, the type of project and more.

To maintain a consistent community look, feel and safety, the council are often rigid and inflexible in their conditions and expectations.  For example when a planning application is lodged incorrectly, or with insufficient information, it creates delays and could even see your Bayside town planning application rejected.

Bayside Town Planning

Change of Plan can help.  We have invested many years understanding the Bayside city council town planning process, rules and regulations.  We use this knowledge to make the process quick and easy.  We help you understand the impact of these rules and regulations on your project.  We help you collect all the information required and we work with you and with the council, to help you be successful with your application.

How We Help With Your Bayside Town Planning Needs

  • Designers: We’ll help make sure your beautiful designs get approved by providing preliminary advice on the planning controls for a site, as well as providing feedback on a proposal.
  • Builders: Let us cut through the paperwork jungle while you get on with building, making your clients happy.
  • Developers: We can help you avoid making costly million-dollar mistakes, while making profitable million-dollar decisions.
  • Renovators: We’ll provide advice on your proposal and help push it through. Skip all the headaches and endless paperwork and just get on with building that extension.
  • Businesses: Hit the ground running by letting us advise you on selecting a property and location that is suitable for your business.

At Change of Plan we have ample experience in handling urban or town planning permits with Bayside City Council on behalf of our clients. You can see some of our recent projects including projects in Bayside.

There are many types of planning permits to keep in mind with Bayside City Council, including:

Change of Plan in Bayside and Your Planning Project

Sound complicated?  That’s why we’re here.  It doesn’t need to be hard! Change of Plan handle all these permit types for you.  Over the years we have built up a wealth of insider knowledge of all the regulations and intricacies of council (as well as made a few handy contacts), so if you’re looking to get your town planning application in Bayside approved smoothly and quickly, there’s no one better than the experts at Change of Plan.

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