The Difference Between Town Planning Permits and Building Permits

  The town planning process provides developers, home owners and builders with a planning permit. Sometimes this can be confused with a building permit.  I will explain the differences below. Building Permit A building permit provides you with certification that your project complies with the relevant building legislation and codes and will be built correctly.  … Read more

New Structure Plan for Frankston City Centre

The second amendment of the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre (FMAC) was approved last month.  This follows a two year process, including a panel hearing to consider submissions back in February 2018. The amendment known as C124 focuses on rezoning Areas 1-5 of the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre Structure Plan.  The changes include rezoning the area … Read more

Changes To Frankston Contributions Proposed

Update The planning scheme amendment has progressed to the final stage. The Panel Report has been released to Council and they have approved the amendment and sent it to the Minister for authorisation. As soon as the Minister makes a decision on the amendment it will either be adopted into the planning scheme or refused. … Read more

When Is A Town Planning Permit Required?

Sometimes people come to us in a panic. They didn’t realise that their project required a town planning permit until they were a fair way into their new venture. Suddenly Council contacted them or even initiated enforcement action. By this time, they have already spent considerable time and/or money on the project and face the … Read more

New Housing Rules For Kingston Council

Kingston City Council are currently undergoing a consultation process as part of developing the new housing and planning rules for the municipality. More details on the draft strategies and the drop in sessions can be found here. Following initial research and consultation, the Kingston Council have prepared a draft Housing Strategy and Neighbourhood Character Study. … Read more