Equitable Development Principles

In a recent project of ours the idea of equitable development has arisen. Equitable development is the concept of not unreasonably impacting on the development potential of other properties. It is more likely to be considered in areas where a high level of development and change is anticipated. Many recent proposals where equitable development has … Read more

Refusal Again for Bayside Council

The Minister for Planning has refused three of Bayside Council’s recent planning scheme amendments. Amendments C113, C114 and C115 were proposing to introduce mandatory maximum height controls within the Sandringham, Church Street and Bay Street activity centres. In January 2015 the Planning Panel appointed to consider all submissions on the Amendments recommended that the Amendments … Read more

The Residential Zones Have Been Amended – Again

As part of the Government’s plan to reform town planning, the Residential Zones were amended recently.  The changes flow from the review of the residential zones that were started in November 2015.  Whoever said that planning doesn’t move fast?! Summary of Changes Transitional provisions have been introduced with the planning controls. This means that the new … Read more

Advertising Signs

Did you know that a planning permit is required to display many kinds of advertising signs? Advertising sign controls are specific to the planning zones and overlays that apply to the land. The signage allowances for commercial and industrial areas are generally less restrictive than for sensitive areas such as residential zones. Points to Remember A … Read more