Common Residential Zones in Melbourne

Within Melbourne suburbs the three most common residential zones that you are likely to encounter are: Neighbourhood Residential Zone, General Residential Zone, Residential Growth Zone. These new residential zones were created by the State Government in 2017 to replace the Residential 1, Residential 2 and Residential 3 Zones. Each of these zones are similar in … Read more

Developing Residential Property In Mornington Peninsula

As some of our readers might be aware, developing multiple dwellings in Mornington Peninsula Shire is currently a more complex process than for most of Melbourne. As it is coming up to two years since the landscape changed for unit development approvals on the Peninsula I thought I would provide an overview of what has … Read more

Common Town Planning Terms Demystified

We know our clients sometimes feel like planners have invented another language!  To help you out we have written some definitions of some of the planning terms that you might encounter during your planning application. NOD This stands for Notice of Decision.  It is formal notice that the Council will issue a planning permit for … Read more

Casey Council Housing Amendment

The Planning Scheme Amendment to implement the Casey Housing, 2019 has been approved (known as Amendment C198). The Planning Scheme Amendment has introduced a suite of new residential zones into the municipality. These new residential zones are intended to guide the preferred development in the area and provide direction on the strategic intent for each … Read more

The Difference Between Town Planning Permits and Building Permits

  The town planning process provides developers, home owners and builders with a planning permit. Sometimes this can be confused with a building permit.  I will explain the differences below. Building Permit A building permit provides you with certification that your project complies with the relevant building legislation and codes and will be built correctly.  … Read more

New Structure Plan for Frankston City Centre

The second amendment of the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre (FMAC) was approved last month.  This follows a two year process, including a panel hearing to consider submissions back in February 2018. The amendment known as C124 focuses on rezoning Areas 1-5 of the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre Structure Plan.  The changes include rezoning the area … Read more

Changes To Frankston Contributions Proposed

Update The planning scheme amendment has progressed to the final stage. The Panel Report has been released to Council and they have approved the amendment and sent it to the Minister for authorisation. As soon as the Minister makes a decision on the amendment it will either be adopted into the planning scheme or refused. … Read more