Car Parking Dispensation for Medical Centre



Address: 71 Wilson Street, Brighton
Project Type: Car Parking Dispensation




We were approached by the owners of an existing medical centre in Brighton who were looking to expand their practice. They wanted to get permission for an additional doctor and to expand their hours.

During the initial assessment of the application with Council the planner indicated that during the original application a second practitioner was not supported as there was insufficient parking on site.  This represented a significant hurdle that would need to be addressed.

The area where the medical centre was located was residential, but there were a number of existing non-residential uses including a childcare centre and school nearby that contributed to the busyness of the area.  Availability of public parking was of concern to the Council and it was clear that further proof would be required to satisfy Council.  A traffic report from a traffic engineer was required to demonstrate that there was ample parking both on-site and in the public parking for the required car parking for an additional practitioner.

The amendment to the planning permit was approved to allow for extended trading hours and for an extra doctor.  The owners can now expand their practice.