Breathing Fresh Life To An Older House In Mount Eliza

Address: 36 Bellbird Street, Mount Eliza
Project Type: Dwelling Addition
Designer: DNB Design

This project was for an extensive renovation of the existing dwelling, including a first floor addition.  The main objectives were to modernise the existing dwelling and provide for the needs of a growing family.  This was achieved with an innovative and thoughtful design that satisfied Council’s objectives.

The application had no concerns from Council and was advertised to the surrounding neighbours.  Each of the adjacent neighbours objected to the application, siting concerns with the visual bulk of the first floor addition and overlooking concerns.  The overlooking concerns related to the balcony and full height windows proposed on one side.  We discussed the concerns with the owner and Council, confirming that on all points we were compliant due to the high quality design and generous side setbacks.

The Council maintained support of the proposal and issued a planning permit with no significant changes to the proposal.