When Is A Town Planning Permit Required?

Sometimes people come to us in a panic. They didn’t realise that their project required a town planning permit until they were a fair way into their new venture. Suddenly Council contacted them or even initiated enforcement action. By this time, they have already spent considerable time and/or money on the project and face the … Read more

New Housing Rules For Kingston Council

Kingston City Council are currently undergoing a consultation process as part of developing the new housing and planning rules for the municipality. More details on the draft strategies and the drop in sessions can be found here. Following initial research and consultation, the Kingston Council have prepared a draft Housing Strategy and Neighbourhood Character Study. … Read more

Knox Business Planning Scheme Amendment

Recently someone came to us concerned that a new planning scheme amendment at Knox Council would have implications for some types of businesses such as gyms and leisure uses from being approved in the future, so I thought I would do some investigating. The Facts About The Amendment The Minister approved the Planning Scheme Amendment … Read more

Changes To Frankston Contributions Proposed

Frankston Council are currently exhibiting a planning scheme amendment (C127) to introduce specified public open space contribution rates for the municipality. You can read more about the proposal here. A public open space contribution is required to be paid to the Council for any non-exempt subdivisions. The contribution is either a percentage of the site … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Get A Planning Permit?

“How long will the planning permit process take?” This is one of the first questions people ask me, and one of the most difficult to answer. The short answer is quite a long time, and longer than many people realise! The reason why it is a difficult question to answer is because the planning process … Read more

Protecting Solar Panels From Overshadowing

Late last year a new planning control was introduced into planning schemes to provide protection for existing residential solar panels. New developments in or abutting residential areas are now required to consider any overshadowing impacts they may have on adjoining solar panels. Guidelines for Decision on Solar Panel Impacts To assist with this consideration the … Read more

Casey Council Seeking to Update Their Housing Policy

This Amendment is seeking to implement the Housing Strategy, specifically to differentiate the preferred location, diversity and built form of housing in the established areas of the municipality. The Housing Strategy identifies substantial, incremental and minimal change areas. The Amendment C198 seeks to implement the Housing Strategy as follows: Higher density housing is encouraged in … Read more

Car Parking For Planning Applications

Car parking is a common issue for many planning application. For many projects a car parking reduction is required and must be supported by the Council. For some applications there may also be objections raised about car parking concerns from surrounding residents. While a reduction or waiver of the parking requirements can often be justified … Read more